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Sodium Lignosulphonate

Widespread acclaim has been bestowed upon our business for offering a distinctive selection of sodium lignosulphonate. It works best for making paper and in the food business. The substance offered is also well known for its ability to preserve food. The purpose of sodium lignosulphonate, which has water-soluble anionic polyelectrolyte polymers, is to assess the environmental impact of lignosulfonates. It has a high alkaline additive and is effective as a cleaning agent since it dissolves better in water.

Sokol Sodium Lignosulphonate 570kg

Sodium Lignosulphonate

Our company has achieved widespread recognition for providing a unique range of 25 Kg Sodium Lignosulphonate. It is ideally used in the food industry and for paper production. Furthermore, provided compound is known for its preservative properties. 25 Kg Sodium Lignosulphonate has water-soluble anionic polyelectrolyte polymers which is to evaluate the effects of lignosulfonates on the environment. It has a high alkaline additive and also useful as a cleaning agent due to its better water-solubilit

Vyborg Sodium Lignosulphonate 570 Kgs

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